Baita Valbelluna


The rates for booking our events venue are tailor-made ​​because the costs change according to the number of persons, the type of services provided and the duration of the event.

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Baita Valbelluna

Amazing banquet hall in Belluno

The ideal location to organize parties and ceremonies

In addition to offering hospitality as B&B, our Country House in the Dolomites offers to the customers a large and well-equipped banquet hall for events, parties and ceremonies.
"Baita Valbelluna", how is called, is a covered area of 70 square meters (6x12 m) with two bathrooms, suitable for different events (meeting, birthdays, dinners, weddings, parties, etc.) and characterized by a breathtaking view over the Piave Valley and the Dolomites.
This is the perfect location for events, parties and ceremonies, due to the presence of tables and chairs (23 tables and 80 chairs)."Baita Valbelluna" can hosts up to a maximum of 60/70 people and it can be used for different kind of events:
  • Corporate meetings
  • Training courses
  • Conference and meeting
  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings and cerimonies
  • Cultural events
  • Parties and shows for children
  • Barbecues with friends
A lovely place Special occasions Perfect for Business Meetings

Venue for Parties, Weddings and Business meetings

The indoor facility is nearby to the B&B, but is completly separated from it.
The banquet hall can host birthday or graduation parties, conferences and business meetings, holy communions and weddings, and the guests can stay both indoors as well as outdoors. Everything here is designed to ensure the success of the event.
The location offers a natural amphitheater overlooking the Valbelluna and the Dolomites, suitable for organizing outdoor cultural events, children's shows, birthday parties during the summer season. Outside the building, indeed, there is a kitchen with a grill, a wood stove, a gas stove with 5 burners and a sink.
Our banquet hall is one of the few examples of event venue near Belluno when you can organize weddings, graduation parties and corporate meetings.

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A comfortable, spacious and well-equipped banquet hall near Belluno for parties. Here you can organize birthdays, shows and performances for children, dinners and graduation parties, events and more.
Our location for receptions and events is about 70 square meters (6x12 meters), with two bathrooms, tables and chairs for 60-70 people, a complete sound system and an outside equipped kitchenette.
Comfortable, spacious and well-equipped location for corporate events near Belluno: here you can organize meetings, events, parties, conventions, trainings course and business meetings.
This is amazing and unique location ideal for organizing cultural events in Belluno. It's a perfect venue for seminars, courses, book presentations, poetry readings, exhibitions and much more.