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Feltre and Belluno: art cities of Veneto

Relaxing holidays in the Dolomites between culture and history

A holiday in the Dolomites at our Bed and Breakfast in Limana (Belluno) allows you to dedicate yourself in hiking, long walks in the woods as well as in the discovering of the local history and culture. Our structure, indeed, is just a few kilometers from Belluno and Feltre: two beautiful art cities of Veneto region.

A tour through the cultural heritage of Valbelluna

Surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Dolomites, Belluno is definitely a cozy little city that fascinates and surprises due to the historic buildings that blend the Venetian Gothic style with the Nordic one, creating a unique effect. On Piazza del Duomo there is the baroque Cathedral and the palaces of the authorities as Palazzo dei Rettori, Palazzo di Giustizia, Vescovado Vecchio, Palazzo Rosso.
Feltre is one of the most picturesque walled towns of the Veneto region and dominates the western end of the Valbelluna. The downtown streets wind through the sixteenth-century buildings with painted facades, mullioned windows and balconies in the Renaissance style. Among the buildings of the historic center, we have the tower of the Castle of Alboino, the Palazzo della Ragione, the old Teatro de la Sena (where Carlo Goldoni took his first steps) and the sixteenth-century Palazzo Cumano, where it's situated the "Carlo Rizzarda" Art Gallery.
You'll can find more information about Feltre, Belluno or the other cultural heritage of this area in our Bed & Breakfast in Limana, as well as news about events, exhibitions and local traditions.